Differentiations of Nonlinear Functions Related to States in Magic(n), Cosmology and the Poincare Conjecture

Lena J-T Strömberg


Results for area differentiations and potential differentiations are related to concepts in cosmology and to magic(n). The shapes of a sphere and other geometries will be discussed for 3 and higher dimensions, and the Poincare conjecture is interpreted to fit into this scheme. The novelty of this research note is to relate fundamental concepts and findings of today in order to calibrate their symbolism and mathematics.


Doi: 10.28991/HEF-2020-01-04-05

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Gravity Potential; Time Differentiation; Magic(n); Cosmology; Expansion; Rotation; Shell; Bubble; Formations; Amoebas; Rays; Torsion Instability; Sun Light; Night Sky.


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Full Text: PDF

DOI: 10.28991/HEF-2020-01-04-05


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